Data Center Hosting Options

Offering Flexible Hosting Options

To enhance the services we offer, GHC Technology partnered with These modern environments provide physical security, optimum cooling, a clean environment and a redundant power supply. Our primary data center facility is located in Aberdeen, WA. with a secondary facility in Omaha, NE.

Clients utilize our virtualized server cluster containing current hardware and Microsoft’s Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) licensing for their operating system (OS) software. Under our hosted solution, all client data remains their property but runs on GHC Technology equipment in a secure data center environment. The scalability of GHC Technology’s private cloud allows clients the flexibility to use our hardware and OS resources as necessary, often reducing cost and enhancing security.

Under this arrangement, NetCare service is built into the hosted solution providing 24/7/365 network monitoring and support. We have engineered our primary data center with redundant capabilities and tightly control the environment which enables us to issue a 99.5 percent uptime performance guarantee that is financially-backed for this hosting level. Our secondary data center provides built-in disaster recovery for all hosted clients, since we automatically replicate all hosted data to the secondary data center. This affords geographically diverse data storage to meet the needs of our clients.

For clients who already have a primary data center at their site, GHC Technology offers a warm-standby hosted option. In this scenario, clients replicate their data on a regular basis to the GHC Technolgy data center and we reserve hosting platform capacity for the customer to use in the event their primary data center becomes unavailable.