Cloud Computing Applications

Leveraging Cloud Resources to Enhance your IT Solution
As technology advances, more and more IT functions such as software, storage and applications are available through private cloud data centers accessed remotely over the internet. The advantages of cloud computing are: scalability based on usage needs, incurring operating expense instead of requiring capital investment upgrades, and having built-in disaster recovery capabilities.

When applicable, GHC Technology’s strategic counsel will include these pay-as-you-go services as part of a comprehensive IT strategy. Some examples include:

  • Hosted Exchange – Office 365 directly from Microsoft or leveraging GHC Technology’s Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) from Microsoft on GHC Technology’s hardware located in our primary data center.
  • Offsite Storage – A geographically separate backup target for an automated disaster recovery solution using GHC Technology’s hardware and backup software licensing in our primary data center.
  • Hosted SPAM filters – Under our Barracuda service, all managed IT clients have addiotional email security options and filter all email through GHC technology’s Barracuda spam filtering applications that use either on-premises exchange servers or are hosted with GHC Technology. All Office 365 exchange applications will utilize Microsoft’s spam filtering.

In addition, many software application providers now offer cloud-based hosted solutions. Since the cloud resources are being used for communications to and from the provider’s site, adequate speed and bandwidth are essential. GHC Technology can help you ensure the proper bandwidth resources are available. We can also work with you to make these cloud-based resources part of your standard desktop configuration.