Cloud Services

Helping You Take Advantage of Cloud Solutions
The continual advancements in cloud computing have provided many options for securing, storing, and accessing data that can improve uptime performance, reduce cost, and increase efficiency. Cloud solutions offer many options for handling various IT functions, when just a few short years ago the only option was to upgrade your existing on premises IT network.

Today’s private cloud networks offer organizations the ability to predict expenses and reduce technology headaches by simply purchasing the right capacity from a reliable data center. These cloud solutions are scalable, allowing companies to gear up or down as their demand for services varies.

The internet has made computing into a service that is much like electric utilities offer. Cloud solutions provide valuable benefits to the consumer. As outlined in Nicholas Carr’s book, The Big Switch, before Thomas Edison and public electric companies, businesses, especially manufacturing companies, had to generate their own power. When electric companies came into existence, organizations could purchase power from other sources. This is the same way entities had to produce their own computing power before the Cloud. Now, powered by the connectivity of the World Wide Web, organizations can easily purchase computing power from someone else’s hardware and software networks to create custom cloud solutions. This new business model of hosting your data on another’s network means built-in reliability and redundancy.

Every day more and more services such as software, storage, and applications are available as cloud solutions that can be accessed remotely over the internet. When advantageous, GHC Technology will blend these pay-as-you-go services as part of a comprehensive strategy to enhance your IT function, called Software as a Service (SaaS).