Cloud Computing

What can cloud computing offer that my IT department can’t provide?
Unless you have a very large organization, you probably do not have the time, staff, and resources to build and maintain an in-house department that will be able to address all of your IT network infrastructure needs. More often it is the case that offices are getting by with IT networks that are not nearly capable or reliable enough. IT projects are delayed due to a lack of hours and people to devote to the task. Equipment and software is not updated because of cost or over-extended staff that does not have time to learn about new options. Outsourcing IT needs through cloud computing solutions can provide the means to accomplish much needed IT goals. Cloud computing benefits include:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Easier collaboration
  • Data collection & analysis capability
  • Expanded application/software access
  • Failsafe back-up
  • Enhanced cyber-security
  • Access to the latest technical advantages

Can cloud computing be as secure as my own private facility?

Both large and small organizations face the threat of online attacks. Many organizations looking for IT solutions have already had their own IT network data breeched by hackers or lost data due to a back-up failure. In most cases off-site cloud computing options are actually more secure than in-house networks, providing you choose an experienced cloud computing services provider with a proven track record.

Cloud computing with GHC Technology take IT worries off your plate.

As your IT services and cloud computing partner, GHC Technology will provide you with the support of an expert team with comprehensive resources. Our team includes a deep bench of engineers and customer service staff dedicated to providing you with 24/7/365 monitoring and support.

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