IT Network Upgrades

Successfully Implementing IT Network Upgrades
By nature, IT network upgrades are complex projects that require implementation of multiple phases seamlessly coordinated among numerous suppliers. Aligning resources at the right time is critical to success. These resources include FSN engineers, software application developers, internet service providers, cabling installers and client personnel. A successful installation results in a smooth outcome of the stated goal with minimal impact to operations.

A dedicated project manager oversees the entire operation from the detailed planning phase, to scheduling resources, through the post-project completion review and final client approval. To be successful, GHC Technology project managers must wear many hats through the course of a project. We work hard to avoid the “surprises” that can derail critical aspects of a successful upgrade project. Our goal is to complete a project both on-budget and on-time.

GHC Technology is dedicated to continuous improvement, so after each upgrade we conduct an internal debriefing to discuss what went well and what we could do better the next time. Finally, we make sure the client is satisfied with the understanding that no project is really finished until the client is completely happy with the results.