Wireless Network Surveys

Making Wireless Connections Work for You
Wireless connections are prevalent in today’s world and can be highly productive, but when deployed improperly, it can create unnecessary user frustration and potential security risks. As part of our overall solution, we conduct a wireless survey and, based on the results, engineer the right changes to obtain the desired coverage.

Survey Methodology: We begin by working with you to identify your wireless goals. What areas do you want covered? Do you want a separate wireless network for guests and visitors? Do you want to block certain applications or sites? How many users and how many devices are active at peak usage times?

Once your goals are established, GHC Technology uses specialized heat mapping software to canvass your facility and identify the wireless access points that are needed to provide effective coverage and responsiveness. Every facility is different, and every facility has unique coverage challenges.
In addition to coverage, access and speed, the survey will also focus on security. You want your wireless environment to be a closed, secure environment, not accessible by unwanted visitors.

Bandwidth: As part of our survey, we evaluate your current communications capacity and anticipate the new requirements once an updated wireless environment is installed. Your users today have multiple mobile devices and will all want access to the wireless network when it is available. These requirements must be anticipated, because they can double or even triple the bandwith required. It is essential that these needs be evaluated as part of the survey and that appropriate changes are implemented to meet the demands.

Ongoing Monitoring: Once a wireless infrastructure is in place, through NetCare, we will continue to monitor the environment and install any patches and updates as they become available. This protects your investment and maintains the highest security standards.