Gain Increased Efficiency through Virtualization
Virtualization enables you to run multiple virtual servers on a single piece of hardware, which allows numerous applications to be run on single or multiple host servers. Virtualization is a proven way to reduce the complexity of your IT network which simplifies operations and ongoing maintenance. By consolidating existing applications onto fewer physical servers, your enterprise can reduce capital expenditures of hardware, decrease the amount of time for routine administrative tasks by IT personnel and reduce electricity consumption.

Virtualization is a best practice technology that provides multiple benefits for an organization’s servers and overall IT network infrastructure that include:

  • Full Utilization of Assets: Numerous virtual servers can run on one host server
  • High Availability: Uptime performance with redundancy by running on additional host servers
  • Reduction of Physical Devices: Provides energy savings and promotes green sustainability
  • Simplified IT Management: Updates can be applied without taking down the entire IT network
  • Improved Business Continuity: Allows faster restore times for lost files or total disaster recovery