TeamViewer is one our premier network managed IT services solution
With TeamViewer, your IT network receives ongoing attention and you get peace of mind knowing your technology infrastructure will be running smoothly. The key element of TeamViewer is that it is proactive in nature. We don’t just react and fix problems, we anticipate them and, through 24/7/365 monitoring and support, we prevent or quickly resolve any IT issues.

Network Assessment: Using GHC Technology's defined process and specialized software tools, we will analyze your IT network’s strengths and weaknesses. This technical knowledge allows us to establish a starting point to assess risk and pinpoint areas that require immediate attention. Once the most critical problems are under control, we can begin to make recommendations to proactively optimize the environment. These recommendations include short-term solutions (items that need immediate attention) and long-term solutions (action plans that are budgeted for the next fiscal year).

Documentation: Good documentation is the cornerstone of effectively managing any IT network. We continuously update a network diagram and document configurations when changes are made to the IT network. GHC Technology stores this information in a central repository providing any of our service team members with the information they need to support your network 24/7/365. Proper documentation is a key component of any disaster recovery plan. Should a crisis strike, we have the blue print to begin the restoration process immediately.

Ticketing System/Management: You can’t manage what you can’t measure. GHC Technology runs its business and allocates its resources using a defined-service ticketing system. Tickets are created to schedule a proactive maintenance action or record a request for technical support. The data contained within the ticketing system becomes the basis for our continuous improvement activities. Ticket responses are prioritized and escalated based upon the severity and the number of users impacted.

24/7/365 Network Device Monitoring : Using our TEamViewer monitoring tool, all key components on the IT network will be monitored 24/7/365 including servers, routers, switches, firewalls, backups and communications lines, just to name a few. This probe monitors all critical network functions and reports back to GHC Technology via alerts when potential problems surface or if a key failure has occurred. Maxed-out servers or lost drives are just a few examples of problem notices. When the alert is received, the GHC technology team responds immediately. In most cases, the alert is resolved remotely, without the client even realizing there was a potential problem.

Microsoft and 3rd Party Patch & Fix Management: In today’s fast moving world of technology, manufacturers of desktop, firewall, server, software, and operating systems publish frequent patches and fixes to correct problems or bugs, enhance the feature set or block potential security threats. GHC Technology takes responsibility for analyzing the patches and fixes, determining for Firewalls, each PC and Network Appliance if the update is required or appropriate, and performing the necessary updates in a non-disruptive manner. Most of these updates are scheduled in advance and are done after-hours. This ongoing activity keeps your software and IT network infrastructure secure and efficient.

Security: Good security practices, reasonable steps and tools are essential to effectively manage your IT network. Internet hackers, viruses and malware make us all vulnerable to a catastrophe. By using the right combination of firewalls, Cloud and Terrestrial Server-Cyber , spam filters and PC Endpoint protections, GHC Technology works hard to protect every element of your environment. From mobile devices, to PCs, to servers themselves, we are on constant alert utilizing the most up-to-date tools to prevent problems. We monitor security alerts and apply updates, as new threats emerge. In addition to the best tools, we use the best practices. We help you and your end-users understand security protocols and recommend policies to minimize your risk and exposure.

Backup Monitoring and Testing: Every organization needs to have an appropriate backup and disaster recovery plan. Once your backup protocol is established, GHC Technology implements the backup process. Whether it is Cloud or Onsite, if a backup appears to have failed, an immediate alert is sent and we begin the problem resolution process. In addition, GHC Technology proactively verifies and tests every backup. We spot test to make certain the data is being captured properly onsite and offsite and ensure we are able to perform a file restore. Optimally, GHC Technology believes that backups should be "bare-metal' or imaged based, automated and the data secured offsite. The newest technology, cloud services and the lower cost of internet bandwidth now make this practical for both small and large organizations.

Help Desk: Help is just a phone call, email or a website portal away. GHC Technology provides standard Help Desk Support and coverage from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Once the call is received, Aberdeen-based, technical personnel are ready to assist immediately. Using remote access tools, we will work on your end-point device or server in real time by troubleshooting the problem through resolution. If the situation needs to be escalated for onsite support, the appropriate personnel will be scheduled and dispatched. When hardware or software manufacturers’ involvement is required, GHC Technology will take the lead in facilitating this interaction. The goal is quick and timely correction, with a goal of permanent resolution.

NightWatch: There is no such thing as standard office hours in today’s fast-paced world. Workers are mobile and active, so network resources need to be up and running day and night. Our after-hours, technical support coverage from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, including weekends and holidays is called NightWatch. Based upon your pre-established level of support, when problems occur, alerts and phone calls are directed to the network engineer who is on-call 24/7/365.

Monthly Reports/Annual Review: GHC technology can provides you with monthl management reports on an ongoing basis. These reports give you a snapshot of your current network environment and prior month’s activity for continuous operational improvement. You are able to review key metrics and see all ticketing activity for both proactive and requested support.

Using a Team Approach Supported by a Deep Bench: Your technical dependence on any one individual is eradicated with TeamViewer. With GHC Technology, a team of professionals is ready to serve you. This approach allows us to broaden the knowledge base, draw upon subject matter expertise where applicable, provide coverage for vacation and absence, and eliminate the risk associated with employee turnover. This team approach coupled with our documentation process gives us the depth and knowledge to provide high performance and peace of mind.

Third Party Liaison: In addition to your network infrastructure and desktop operating systems, most organizations have a line of business software application, with many entities using several. In some cases, the applications or support are used only in their OEM industry. GHC Technology recommends you use current, supported versions and maintain a software support agreement with the provider.

If problems occur, we will first make certain that it is not the IT network infrastructure. Then, acting as a liaison, we facilitate resolving the problem with your hardware or software provider. We can directly discuss technical elements, to make certain that adequate technical resources are available with the necessary server operating systems. As new versions are released, we can consult and help you plan for upgrade installations.

vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer): Every organization wishes that they had their own Chief Information Officer, a person who understands their business objectives and stays abreast of technology trends to recommend prudent IT investments as part of strategic planning exercise. Therefore, on an annual basis, a vCIO meeting takes place with GHC Technology clients. The goals are:

  • Review current IT network Infrastructure performance and your disaster recovery plan.
  • Understand changing business goals and initiatives as it relates to technology.
  • Make you aware of new technology trends and upgrades that are advantageous to your operations.
  • Create a technology road map and a corresponding budget based on defined priorities.

On-Boarding Process: To execute TeamViewer, we utilize a comprehensive on-boarding process. We start by uploading your network diagram and technical configurations on our line of business software. Our TeamViewer Network and Endpoint monitoring tool is installed on all intelligent IT network infrastructure devices and a service board created in our ticketing system. Help-desk support and procedures are reviewed with all appropriate personnel. Once those steps are complete, your first review meeting is held.