Remote Help Desk Support - Technical IT Support

Technical Support Is There When You Need It
If an employee is experiencing issues with their computer, preventing them from performing their workplace tasks, a loss of office productivity occurs and you have a frustrated worker. Through GHC Technology’s Help Desk and the deployment of PC management tools, we can remotely support your team members, ensuring that they can perform their job responsibilities smoothly and efficiently. GHC Technology makes certain your users have the appropriate operating system and that all antivirus protection, patches and fixes are implemented and updated in a timely manner.

Live Voice: Our Help Desk Support is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, excluding holidays. When you call for support, you will be greeted by a live voice from a person located in our Blue Ash office.

Ticketing System: When you need support, GHC Technology’s ticketing system can be accessed by placing a phone call, sending an email, or accessing the GHC Technology web portal. Once a service ticket is opened, GHC Technology manages the issue to resolution. We assign a priority and devote the appropriate resources to bring the problem to a close in a timely manner with full accountability.

Screen-Sharing Services: With your permission, GHC Technology’s Help Desk can initiate a screen sharing support session. Together, we view the same screen and with user input GHC Technology personnel takes control of the desktop and resolves the problem in a timely fashion.

Monitoring: Our monitoring agents assess each individual PC, alerting us when trouble is on the horizon or items need attention. This allows us to address issues before they become real problems that might hamper overall office productivity.

Patches and Updates: Software manufacturers provide patches and updates on a frequent basis, typically monthly. Most of these patches are designed to prevent or correct security risks. The timely installation of these patches is critical, including Windows and other third party software, such as Adobe, Java, etc.

Anti-virus and Malware Protection: As part of your monthly service, GHC Technology provides state-of-the-art anti-virus and malware protection. In the precarious world of the internet, nothing is foolproof, but taking reasonable steps following industry best practices greatly reduces your risk.

Password Support: GHC Technology helps you establish an appropriate password policy for your end-users. Should an end-user forget their password, or allow it to expire, GHC Technology is there to help them in get back online in a secure fashion.

After-hours Support: GHC Technology’s NightWatch Program is available to support you after-hours and on weekends, providing you peace-of-mind 24/7/265.

Printer Support: Printers remain a key element in any office environment today. GHC Technology helps support your printers by setting them up on the IT network or directly connecting them to a PC. We can help the end-user secure and manage the appropriate print drivers and set up their default printer. Additionally, we can act as a liaison between you and your document equipment provider, should hardware problems arise.

Mobile Devices: Using multiple mobile devices is a common practice today for many people. GHC Technology can assist the end-user interface Microsoft Exchange setup and trouble-shoot your smartphone and tablets. We recommend a password to protect all devices. If lost or stolen, we can wipe the exchange data as soon as notified.

Asset Management and Inventory: With our monitoring and software tools, we are able to track all managed assets. We will keep a log of:

  • Hardware: Year, make, serial, operating system
  • Software: Applications by device
  • License Keys: Expiration by device

This data will allow us to develop a refresh strategy and to assure license compliance.

GHC Technology Although in an IT network environment, we recommend that all important files be backed-up to the server, for a small upcharge we can selectively backup individual PCs, if necessary.

Through this program, GHC Technology can provide onsite support at an additional charge, if and when it is needed. We can also assist you in new computer acquisition, set up and installation. We keep you apprised of new technology and solutions as they are introduced to the market and prove viable. We help you establish your desktop administrative policies and recommend and implement changes as needed. We help establish your standard desktop image and establish a rapid deployment server to easily push out updates.