Co-Location Data Center Facilities

Co-Location Ensures Asset Safety
GHC Technology data center facilities, when applicable, can be used by our clients to provide physical security for their hardware assets, gain redundant power supplies and ensure proper environmental systems. Our primary data center is located in Aberdeen, Wa. with a secondary facility in Vancouver, CA.

One way clients can use our primary data center is to increase security by co-locating their own hardware into an enterprise-level environment built to hold IT networks. This strategy is recommended when there is remaining useful life on hardware assets that have not been fully depreciated. With co-location, a client can enjoy the benefits of a secure data center today versus waiting until a network upgrade is imperative or struggling to maintain an on-premises IT network that might not be located in a suitable physical environment. An operating lease under a Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model is another viable application for co-location. Under a co-location solution, GHC Technology will bundle our TeamViewer & Acronis service for 24/7/365 network monitoring and support. Disaster recovery can also include leveraging our secondary data center using co-location, to provide for offsite backup data target.