Printer Security

Is printer security important to my organization?
If you are like most organizations today, you probably rely on networked printers and/or multifunction printer copier technology to increase efficiency and improve workflow. Networked printers should be given the same consideration as your networked computers and servers. Both are avenues within your IT system that can be exploited by cybercriminals. According to a recent survey, a printer is 68% more likely to be the source of an external threat or breach today than it was in 2016.

How do I know if my printer network is under-protected?

Is your network printer open to a wide range of network protocols? Does the printer require any access controls or admin password? Does it allow for the printing of sensitive documents without authentication, where they may sit in the output tray all day? Does it allow users to send unencrypted data over the network. Is it running outdated firmware?

While these are just a few indicators of an under-protected network, the best way to know for sure is to have your printers and IT network evaluated by a knowledgeable expert.

How much do I need to invest in printer security?

In considering the cost of printer security, it is important to think about potential cost and risks involved with ignoring printer security. What would it cost your organization to have critical data stolen or compromised? Beyond the financial cost there are intrinsic costs, in terms of liability and lost customer trust, especially if your organization maintains sensitive customer data.

Does it make sense to manage my printer security in-house?

Effective printer security solutions can be very expensive when managed in-house. You need adequate personnel to monitor and implement all of your security measures, not to mention time to devote to finding the best technology and investments in keeping it up-to-date. When you partner with the right team, you will have the confidence of knowing that your printer security is in the hands of experienced and knowledgeable managed print specialists.

You don’t have to figure out printer security on your own.

You may not think you have the time to devote to implementing a printer security solution now, but considering the time and cost involved if you wait until after you’ve been attacked, it is really an issue you cannot afford to ignore.

The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. As your IT security and office equipment specialists, GHC Technology and Modern Office Methods provide dependable cyber security and managed print solutions.