Network Analysis

In-Depth Network Analysis and Assessment of Your IT Infrastructure
The first step in solving IT performance issues and developing solutions to the daily challenges facing your employees is to fully understand your existing IT network infrastructure. Once the root causes and potential risks are identified through network analysis, GHC Technology can engineer specific solutions that improve uptime performance, data security, business continuity and overall office productivity. Equipped with this essential knowledge, we can collaborate to determine the right technology strategy and budget to achieve your business objectives.

Deliverables from an FSN network analysis include a complied technology plan for a collaborative evaluation and discussion:

  • Network Diagram of Current Environment/Technical Configuration
    • Internet Connectivity will be shown
    • Remote sites will be indicated.
  • Inventory Spreadsheet of Hardware
    • Inventory will include manufacturer, serial number model warranty information as available from diagnostic tools
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
    • Network analysis includes an overnight security scan of the external and internal network environments. Assessment will include short-term remediation and long term recommendations with proposed timeframes for implementation.
      • HIGH: These recommendations are considered “URGENT” and should be addressed immediately.
      • MEDIUM: These recommendations are considered low to medium risk and should be completed over the next year.
      • LOW: These are just FSN recommendations to achieve IT best practice and should be implemented, when appropriate.
  • Investment Options
  • Following the network analysis, a review of engineered solutions and budgetary investments is presented to ensure the IT network infrastructure’s uptime performance, data security, business continuity and overall office productivity.
  • Time Line and Tasks of Completion for Remediation Recommendations
  • ‘Future State’ Network Diagram
    • Shows proposed changes to the current environment

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