Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Training
One of the most important steps you can take toward achieving a safe IT network infrastructure is making sure your team understands their role in cyber security. It is critical that all of your employees with access to computer systems and data receive cyber security training. Without specific cyber security training, your workforce may not fully understand the risks involved with cyber security threats.

Proper training educates employees as to what they can personally do to protect the security of your organization and the people you serve. A basic understanding of all Internet risks will help them to make good judgments online. A thorough review of the policies and practices you expect them to follow in the workplace regarding Internet safety will help your organization to avoid costly misunderstandings.

Cyber security training can include topics such as:

  • The importance of keeping work computers organized and free of an unauthorized software, data files, and applications
  • The critical need for strong passwords – using unique passwords for each account, changing passwords periodically, and documenting passwords and keep them in a safe place away from the computer per established office protocol
  • How to handle unrecognized emails, files, and other types of attachments; instructing about spam filters and how to use them to prevent unwanted, dangerous email
  • The importance of backing up their work – inform them of the expected file storage process they should use to insure proper data back-ups.

As your IT management partner, the GHC Technology team can assist you in cyber security training for your team.