IT Services Ticketing System – ServiceCamp

Gaining Control of your IT Operations
To resolve IT issues, our clients rely on their internal staff, out-source all support to GHC Technology, or use a combination of the two that results in a co-managed IT services relationship. In each of these cases, there must be a manner to receive, assign and track-to-completion any service requests. For maximum efficiency and continuous improvement, the ability to measure successful outcomes with an automated IT service ticketing system is critical. We often find organizations still keeping IT requests on paper or in an Excel spreadsheet, making it difficult to effectively manage the process. The inefficiency of a manual system really limits the potential for consistent improvement because you are busy working on daily problems and the latest crisis, not addressing the systemic IT issues.

GHC Technology’s online IT service ticketing system, ServiceCamp, uses the power of an automated software solution to monitor your overall IT operations, keeping you appraised of its status at all times. This allows you to internally address or escalate to the GHC Technology Help Desk any situation that may arise, enabling you to keep daily problems to a minimum and focus on the big picture.

Benefits of StreamlineIT’s service desk include:

Retain complete control over your IT service issues including deciding when tickets need to get escalated to GHC Technology’s service desk.
Immediate access to additional IT services when and where you need them. StreamlineIT automatically routes internal tickets to the proper personnel or lets you manually escalate them to FSN.
The ability to track the progress and status of their IT requests quickly and easily will keep your employees happy and productive.
Enabling you to focus on your core business, not multiple IT requests and disgruntled end-users, since your IT resources become much more efficient in handling these requests.