Financial Services’ Equipment and Software Usage Program

An Effective Financing Strategy to Keep Your IT Operations Current
GHC Technology Financial Services’ Equipment and Software Usage Program helps you make the IT investments you need, but lets you pay on a monthly basis and avoid the financial strain of a large capital outlay. GHC Technology works closely with you to determine the hardware and software you need and its useful life, which typically is 36 or 48 months. We calculate a monthly investment for the lease period which allows you to pay for assets as you use them and classify the payments as operating expense.

The comprehensive GHC TechnologyFinancial Services option includes hardware, software, solution design, installation, software and hardware warranty and support for the life of the agreement. One monthly payment takes care of it all.

Another benefit of the usage approach is it creates a disciplined, built-in refresh strategy to ensure you maintain the latest technology. As the initial term expires, hardware and software will be upgraded with the start of each new life cycle. With the usage approach, you avoid large capital projects that strain the budget and your IT environment stays highly functional.